DAR brings dictionaries to Emory students

 We presented dictionaries to the fourth grade students at the Rains Intermediate School in Emory on November 7, 2008. There were 143 dictionaries presented there that day. Susan Few, our Registrar, and I were the representatives of the Elizabeth Denton English Chapter of NSDAR, of the Mineola Chapter. We take all the dictionaries to the school, and whatever is left over we leave there for the teachers to distribute to the students who are absent and then for the new students that keep coming all through the year, and hopefully all the students get a dictionary some time during the school year.

Thank you for letting us be part of The Dictionary Project; we think it is a very important event for the children that we are privileged to be a part of. We have done this for several years and did it for the Rains School last year and will be doing it again for the fourth grade at Rains School again in 2009.


Eva B. Spurlin, Chairperson of the Dictionary Project of the Elizabeth Denton English Chapter, NSDAR