NBRW dictionary program for 1,122 third graders…

 New Braunfels Republican Women provided 1,122 dictionaries to New Braunfels Independent School District and Comal Independent School District third-grade students.

DaGin Stewart, Literacy chair, along with other NBRW members visited ten elementary schools the second week of December. As in past years, the students are delighted to receive their `very own` dictionaries that contain the Constitution; the Bill of Rights; the sign language alphabet; the planets; the longest word that contains 1,909 letters, and much more. That longest word makes their eyes dazzle in astonishment.

The students are waiting as if for Santa Claus to bring a present. Many have heard from older brothers/sisters that the Santas of NBRW always arrive before Christmas.

Join us next December to be a part in giving some of our resources to the youth of New Braunfels.