Red Wing Lions Club loves the children’s letters

Nine Red Wing Lions finished our Club`s 4th year of having true enjoyment delivering dictionaries to about 240 4th graders at Burnside, St. Joseph, St. Johns, Concordia, and Christian Academy schools. In every room we were greeted with excitement and questions. The teachers were excellent and were also given dictionaries. Some questions they asked about Lions were: `Who are Lions; What do Lions do; What are the pins on your vest for; Can I be a Lion; Do you have kids; I want to be a Lion. And there were more questions….

We went to a room where Lion John Madigan was greeted by his grandson, Gage. From this room we received Thank You notes from each child, as we have received many in past years. Here are some of the `Thank You` comments, which were provided in color and with drawings.

Thank you for the Dictionary. I like it because it has words. The words are kind of easy to find…. and I really like reading. Do you read? What do you guys do? Well that`s all I got to say…. We`ll see you. Goodbye.

Thank you for the Dictionary. I think just having you here was good enough. Once again, thank you

Thanks for the Dictionaries Lions Club. They help us a lot. This is what we learned, or at least I did. Line segment = a line that ends; potato = a large tubular plant; rummage = to dig in a bag. And lots of other things I can`t list.

Thanks for the Dictionary. I learned how to spell `Supercalifragilisticexpiliadocious. I love it!

Thank you for those wonderful Dictionaries. The longest word in the world has 1909 letters!!! …. Gratefully.

Thank you for the Dictionary. I hope you come again next year…. P.S. I love the Dictionary.

Thanks for the Dictionaries. I use the Dictionary a lot. It helps me when I need to spell a word or I need a definition on a word.

Thank you for the Dictionaries. I like them but I`m pretty sure the rest do too. It comes in handy

Thank you for the Dictionary. Say HI to John/Grandpa.

Thank you for the Dictionaries. We use them for sign language. When the teacher says stop talking, we us sign language from the dictionaries to talk.

Again, Thanks to our Lions assisting on this most enjoyable project: Ron Allen, Chris Rayner, Don & Jeannie Stechmann, Norm Sampson, John Madigan, Dave Watson, Dick & Laura Johnson