Rotary Club of Chapin Sunrise continues long-running dictionary project

The Rotary Club of Chapin Sunrise was one of the first groups to participate in The Dictionary Project outside of Charleston, SC. Bob Ballentine has been organizing their efforts to give dictionaries to the students in each of the schools where his wife, Marcia, taught. Since 2002, they have given almost 2,500 books to the children in three schools.

Here are some wonderful letters they received from this year’s third graders:

Dear Dictionary Project,
thank you for the dictionary. I was able to use it in PASS testing. I can look up to see what supercalifragilisticexpialidocious means. I really like the dictionary because it has the Xs table in there. There are really fun facts in there. When I used it, I felt like I was all grown up. I love it a lot. Thanks Dictionary Project.
Your friend,

Dear Project Dictionaries,
Thank you for giving us free dictionaries. Dictionaries really help me. My class enjoyed the presentation. I am very thankfl that you came. Dictionaries help everyone and I’m glad you came.

Dear Project Dictionarie,
thank you for giving us the dictionary. Thank you for teaching us about it. The dictionary helps me with my homework. I spell better now that I have the dictionary. The dictionarie is like my spelling guide.