Rotary Club donates dictionaries

In memory of Harry Weingarten, Warrenton rotary Club members recently donated dictionaries to third-grade students at Warren County elementary schools. Each student recieved a personal dictionary to keep and use throughout his or her elementary school career.

Rotarian Bill Miller spearheaded the dictionary project. `Our Rotary club takes an active interest in elementary school students in Warren County, and we are pleased to present almost 300 dictionaries to deserving individuals in the third grade,` he said. `We hope that these dictionaries will have a positive effect on each student.`

Each dictionary is geared toward the elementary pupil and includes additional historical, geograhical and statistical information in the back.

`We are pleased to recieve these dictionaries in memory of Mr. Harry Weingarten,` said Noel Roberston, principal of Vaughan Elematnary School. `Our students will find them to be a great resource for enrichment and research. On behalf of our parents, teachers and students, I thank you for the generosity you have extended to us.`

Students at the school showed their appreciation by waving their new dictionaries in the air.