St. Paul students receive dictionaries from Rotary

 The Rotary Club of St. Paul has participated in the Dictionary Project for now the fifth straight year. We are contributing dictionaries to all 2,870 students plus a dictionary for each of the teachers. Not all of the teachers want us to personally deliver dictionaries in their classes, but we do as Rotarians hand out dictionaries to about half of the total students. At that time, we talk about the project, talk a little about Rotary, both internationally and locally, and spend some time getting them acquainted with the dictionary. They particularly enjoy the special features of the books such as the longest word in the English language, sign language, but we also have them look up a few words while we are there. This has been a special project for our club. We donate the books in honor of the speakers at our regular Tuesday Rotary meetings. It is very impressive to the speakers when we give them a certificate making note of that contribution. It is a wonderful experience for all concerned. The teachers get into it very enthusiastically, the students are very attentive and extremely thankful for the books, and it is a very touching experience for the Rotarians who participate. Thank you for making this available to the Rotary Club of St. Paul.