Woodburn Rotary Club includes dictionary project in community service

Woodburn Rotary Club distributed 624 dictionaries in eight elementary schools in 4 school districts in our area. This was the first time we did this on our own, having partnered with the Salem Rotary Clubs in past years. The ordering process was easy, great service, fast delivery, all around a smooth process. Dave Paradis and Dennis Hutchings did a lot of front end work with regard to ordering the dictionaries and labeling. A big thanks to Chuck Ransom for getting the student information for ordering the correct number of dictionaries. The following Club members distributed dictionaries to local 4th graders yesterday: Dave Paradis, Scott Nehring, Earl Doman, Tim Doman, Evan Thomas, Phil Hand, Veda McAllister, Dennis and Kitty Hutchings, Stan Milne, Laura Dix, Jennifer Miller, Ken Hector, Terri Merritt-Worsen. Jennifer and I observed sincere and genuine gratitude from the students at Lincoln Elementary yesterday. It was a great experience for us, and I am confident those dictionaries will be used. The photos here are from Washington Elementary School in the Woodburn School District. The Rotarians distributing at this school are Earl and Tim Doman, father and son.