Excitement abounds with dictionaries

 All third graders in the Pleasant Hill and Lowell school districts received a personal copy of A Student’s Dictionary from Alpha Sigma Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma in October. The children were told this was in honor of Noah Webster’s 250th birthday.

During student exploration time with the dictionaries, comments were heard about the discovery of presidential biographies, sign language, solar system information, and other material, in addition to words with definitions. The value of this book as a special resource was stressed by the presenters.

Current seventh graders were the first group to get dictionaries from Alpha Sigma, and many of those students are still using the books.

Some have expressed lasting appreciation for a gift that has meant more as they became more familiar with its contents.

The benefits of participating in The Dictionary Project are great, not only for the children, but also for those who have given the books to them. It is most rewarding to share in the excitement when the books are distributed. The eagerness to learn is most heart-warming.