Delta buys dictionaries for distribution to 3rd grade students in public schools

Delta Air Lines has expressed its support for the Rotary Club of Saipan’s dictionary project, which involves the distribution of over 1,000 dictionaries to third grade students of public schools on Saipan, Tinian, and Rota.

Vocational services director Jeff Boyer disclosed that Delta Air Lines agreed to purchase the dictionaries that have already been labeled and will be handed out to students this February.

“Delta agreed to cover the cost of the books. We’re really thankful for their support in this new program for the Rotary,” he said.

Boyer earlier said that the idea for the dictionary project came out of a project sponsored by a Rotary Club in Guam.

He said third grade students are at the age when they will better absorb information from reference materials such as dictionaries.

According to Boyer, Rotarians will form groups to better coordinate the distribution of dictionaries among public schools.

Boyer added that CTSI Logistics also provided assistance to the dictionary project by paying for the shipping cost of the books, which were bought in the U.S. mainland.

Delta Air Lines sales and marketing representative Chris A. Concepcion said their company has been a long-time supporter of children’s education in the Commonwealth.

Concepcion told Saipan Tribune that the funds raised from Delta Air Lines’ annual golf tournament is used to benefit various children’s educational charities and activities in the CNMI.

“We are proud to continue that tradition by supporting the Rotary Club’s dictionary project as well as the annual Parade of Books event,” said Concepcion.