Gassetts Grange visits local schools

We at Gassetts Grange # 327 would like to share our experiences while delivering the dictionaries. We donated books to students at Chester-Andover Elementary School, Cavendish, Mt. Holly, Bellows Falls Central, Ludlow, Westminster Center, Westminster West, and Windham.
There were questions for us at all of them. We were interviewed by one school about how life and schools have changed in the last 30 to 40 years. Also, how and when the Grange was founded.
Thank you for doing the Dictionary Project every year, as it is fulfilling to the children and to us.
Enjoy some of our thank-you letters!
Bonnie Sanderson, Sec.
Gassetts Grange # 327

"Dear Grange Members,

Thank you for the nice, new dictionaries. I was really surprised when I got mine. I know they’re going to help us all year. Thank you for getting the dictionaries. How many days a week do you work? Maybe I’ll work at the Grange when I get older. How old are you? Do you get bored at the Grange anytime? I think it is really nice that you spend most of your time at the Grange.



"Dear Grange Members,

We love the dictionary.

We really like them. I try to sound out the longest word but it is so hard. My favorite part is the word carrot. Did you know that earth is the 3rd from the sun?



"Dear Grange Members,

Thank you for the dictionary. I really like the dictionary. My brother even tried stealing my dictionary. After diner I run up stairs and I look at my dictionary. at recess and reading I try to figure out the longest word. for homework we read 20 minutes. I read the dictionary.



"Dear Grange Mebeers,

I really wonder who made the biggest word of all?

from Nicholas

P.s. I like the dictionaries you gave us. Thank you."