Partners in literacy

Since receiving the dictionaries October 27, as Literacy Chairman of the Overton Rotary Club, I have contacted the school, and we scheduled to present the dictionaries on Wednesday, November 3. We arrived at the school at 8 a.m. to meet, greet, and present the dictionaries to the school kids in the 3rd grade. This year Overton Elementary School has a total of 37 students who received a copy of A Student’s Dictionary.
During the 2003-2004 school year the Overton Rotary Club began working with the third graders at Overton Elementary School, helping them with their reading. In 2006 the Rotary Club learned of the Dictionary Project. We agreed in 2006 to provide each student in grades three through six with the Student Dictionary.
Each year since the fall of 2006-2007 school year it has been the Overton Rotary Club’s goal to provide each third grader with A Student’s Dictionary. On November 3, the smiles, the thank-yous, and sometimes a hug, the Rotary members received were such a joy to us.
Over these years, Rotarians have learned that the students have taken good care of the dictionaries and have used them for several years. Our Overton Rotary Club is so very fortunate to have a retired school librarian in it, and she shows the students the correct way to open a new book so not to damage the spine of the book, and she encourages the students to always use a book marker and not dog-ear the pages.
Hope we will be able to participate in the project again next year.
Mary L. Hart
Literacy Chairman
Overton Rotary Club