The great dictionary giveaway

Pemi Valley Pomona Grange #18 in conjunction with the North Haverhill Girls Club recently presented dictionaries to the third grade students of teachers Rose Bailey, Debbie Brown and Nancy Leete at Woodsville Elementary School. This is an ongoing project which the Grange has sponsored throughout New Hampshire for the last ten years with financial help of other local community groups.
The books were given out by Miss Ida Hutchens of Wentworth representing Pemi Valley Pomona Grange #18, Mrs. Jeanne Horne of Haverhill who is a member of both the Baker River Grange #290 and the North Haverhill Girls Club and Sheila Asselin, Vice President of the North Haverhill Girls’ Club. Hutchins and Horne are also members of Baker’s River Grange.
Miss Hutchens gave a brief talk to each class explaining that the Dictionary Project was financed by several organizations. Seeing the third graders’ puzzled looks, she made looking up the word "finance" their first assignment. The students eagerly started looking in their books for such items as the longest word in the world, 1909 letters. Other information such as US presidents, maps, Declaration of Independence, Constitution and periodic tables is useful long after elementary school.
Miss Hutchens is a long time educator, having taught at Brattleboro School for the Deaf for 30 years and at Crotched Mountain before that. Mrs. Horne has worked in the Haverhill school system since 1972 and at the Woodsville Elementary School for 5 years and is on a first-name basis with both teachers and students. Because so many members of the North Haverhill Girls Club are teachers, retired teachers or school administrators, education of the young third graders and the not so young (scholarships for high school graduates) is a favorite cause.