Kiwanis Club visits Dearborn schools

What is it like distributing dictionaries? Let’s look at Oakman School. A time is arranged, and you check in at the office. An older, but beautiful school. See the round windows on the left? That is the media center, where you will meet the kids. The schools are a wonderful place. Notice the science projects, and seedlings ready to grow in the window? On the right, oak bookcases full of books and knowledge are beside an excellent carved hearth. It is easy to be impressed by Dearborn Schools.
Assigned readings and exploration facilitate learning in a safe, monitored environment. It is a pleasure to be there with the kids. As the kids assemble from their classrooms, the teachers maintain a very respectful decorum. They are the best.

The kids listen attentively as you tell them about Kiwanis and their focus on children. They understand the importance of this “gift of words,” and are excited when you tell them not only can they learn faster, but also there are many other resources at their fingertips in this gazetteer dictionary. They immediately begin to discover this wonderful resource, and share with each other. You answer a few questions, and let them know that their teacher will help them develop its use to their full potential. (Don’t worry about the questions, you are smarter than a third grader!) The kids are very sharp today. After sharing their enthusiasm and smiles, you ask them to learn as much as they can, and do a lot of reading this coming summer. The gratitude of the kids and teachers is touching. You can do this! Join us and see for yourself.

Special Thanks to John Matthews and Ted Bilan, who joined Jim Rugenski for the dictionary dispersal at DuVall Elementary on March 28. They are in front of the “CAFÉ” board.
C=Comprehension: I understand what I read.
A= Accuracy: I can read the words correctly.
F=Fluency: I can read with accuracy and I understand what I read.
E=Expand my vocabulary: I know, find, and use interesting words.

With March being reading month, our timing is good in giving them this wonderful resource at this time. I am glad I had some backup in the classroom; the kids asked some good questions while we were there, and they were excited about the books.