WSR 3rd graders first recipients of Rotary’s free dictionaries

Third-grade student Pernalyn used to borrow the dictionary in her classroom or at the library. Thanks to the Rotary Club of Saipan, she now has her own brand-new dictionary.

“I have my own dictionary now so I don’t need to borrow anymore. I can learn new words. Thank you for giving us dictionaries,” said the nine-year-old.

Eight-year old Ethan disclosed that he will use the free dictionary, the first one he has ever owned, for his school work. “It’s so awesome!” he exclaimed.

Pernalyn and Ethan are among the 119 third graders at the William S. Reyes Elementary School in Chalan Kanoa who became the first batch of recipients of free dictionaries through the Rotary’s dictionary project.

The project involves the distribution of over 1,000 dictionaries to third grade students of public schools on Saipan, Tinian, and Rota.

Delta Air Lines paid for the dictionaries.

Rotarians Victoria Concepcion, Amie Javier, and Ning Reyes distributed the dictionaries to the third grade students yesterday morning.

What started out as a small project turned out to be an amazing endeavor, according to Concepcion.

“It’s amazing now that we know they have something to use in school. For me, it’s a big fulfillment for the Rotary Club to be a part of these kids’ learning,” she told Saipan Tribune.

Concepcion said they will distribute the dictionaries until next week.

When asked if Rotarians will personally deliver the dictionaries to third graders on Rota and Tinian, Concepcion said, “We’ll find a way to bring it to them.”

In an interview, school principal Naomi Nishimura expressed her excitement for the project as well as her appreciation to the Rotary Club and Delta Air Lines.

“We’re really happy with this gesture because these kids now have their own dictionaries. For the Rotary to focus in education is really great. We’re very grateful for this,” she said.

Nishimura emphasized the importance of the project since not all of the students in the five third grade classes have access to a dictionary except in school.

“Now they’re equipped even at home and this will enable them to do their school tasks. It also corresponds to part of our mission, which is to build and improve literacy among students so this project certainly help our school’s efforts,” she added.