Dictionary Project taking root in Alberta

 Happy New Year to all at The Dictionary Project. We have had one of the coldest, snowiest winters we’ve had in years (fortunately I was in Arizona for the worst of it).  We have handed out approximately 360 dictionaries to schools in southwest Alberta. The response has been wonderful. One school where I handed out 50 dictionaries responded by sending me 80 letters and pictures!!! My presentation to 13 Rotary Club presidents in Calgary, where the Grade 3 population is over 10,000, was well received. Our District Governor has endorsed the program, and has spread the word to clubs he visits across Canada. I am currently trying to write an article for the District Newsletter, but where does one start? Even the naysayers in my own Rotary Club (Pincher Creek) have been converted. In Alberta students are introduced to dictionaries in Grade 3, so this is a great tool for the schools. I am still waiting for endorsement from our local School Board, which will help with promoting the program.
I understand that the program is now been taken up by clubs in PEI and Ontario. That’s great. I hope the growth continues.
Now that the holidays are over, I hope to spend a little more time talking to Rotary Clubs in our, and nearby Districts.
Hope 2010 is a banner year for you.
Joyce Zwick