Forest Grove Grange shares children’s letters

Forest Grove Grange received many lovely thank-you letters as a result of their involvement in the Dictionary Project. Here are some of the letters.

"Dear Forest Grove Grange

The books are so cool! I like when youput our names in it. It was so nice of you that you gave them to us for free. 



"Dear Forest Grove Grange,

Thank you for the dictionary I like it. Its cool. I love how you put my name in the page. I like the sign language and the maps in the pages. This was my first one. I always wanted one thank you for the free dictionary.



"Dear Forest Grove Grange,

Thank you for the dictionary, I really liked it. I like the dictionary because it has my name on the frount. Also I like it because it has all the important information you need to know for some important times.


Ruby Anne"

"Dear Forest grove Grange

Thankyou for giving me my very own dictionary. I love it the fact that it’s new. Some of my favorite pages are the one with the USA flag and the one that hs the solar system and the and with the longest word in the english.

God bless you and thank you again.