Moorhead’s dictionary project

Last Fall Moorhead Rotarians handed out 502 dictionaries to the third graders attending the Minnesota Public Schools of Moorhead (Robert Asp, Ellen Hopkins, and S.G. Reinertsen Elementary schools) and Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton (Glyndon and Dilworth Elementary Schools), along with Park Christian and St. Joseph private schools. 
The procedure we have followed involves a pre-arranged visit to each school of two to four Rotarians bringing personalized (a label with student’s name inside the cover) WEBSTER’S DICTIONARY FOR STUDENTS for each student. We disburse a copy to each student in a group setting chosen by the classroom teachers. Usually the teachers have had the Rotarians visit each classroom, but sometimes all third graders of the building have been assembled in one group session.
Over the last seven years, since we began this program, the Moorhead Rotary Club has been very pleased with the reception the dictionaries have received from the students and schools involved (Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton was added just last year). We have received many letters and comments of appreciation telling us how the dictionaries have been useful during the immediate year and beyond.