Osceola County students receive dictionaries from Rotary

The members of the Rotary Club of Kissimmee are thrilled to be involved with the Dictionary Project. We started the program last year during the school year and completed the project with several schools. We found the Project to be so rewarding that we continued the program at the beginning of this school year and went to every elementary school in Osceola County and distributed dictionaries to every third grade student in Osceola County, including two Christian schools.

The Rotary Club raised most of the funds, and I raised the rest thru donations. This project was very rewarding. We went into every classroom and handed each student their dictionary with their name already in the book. They were so thrilled. It was a joy just to see their faces. The loved the Longest Word In The English Language, list of presidents, sign languague, and everything about the books.

It truly was a joy to see how thrilled the students were to get the books. We have several children in our schools that live in motels and the teachers told me that the dictionary was the only book in their homes. What a joy to be able to help them.

This project was so huge for us, we are going to involve other Rotary Clubs to assist this year and divide up the schools to distribute the dictionaries.

Thanks for the opportunity to be involved with such a worthy project.

Don Shearer
Rotary Club of Kissimmee
Dictionary Chair

After completing the project, which included 24 schools and 2,888 students, the Rotary Club received many thank-you letters from the children. Here are a few from Pleasant Hill Elementary School in Kissimmee:

Dear Rodary Members,

Thank you for the dictionary. The dictionary helps me with lots of stuff. It helps me know stuff thats important to me. I am thankful for the dictionary because whenever I have trouble with a word the dictionary always helps me. Since it helps me so much I will take very good care of it. Its so exiting that you can learn sign language from a dictionary, and science.

Your friend,


Dear Rotery Club,

Thank you so much for the Student’s Dictionary. I love it. I like to look through it every night. My grandma says the book is valueble. Again thank you so much.



Dear Rotary Members,

thank you for the Dictionary that was really thoughtful of you.

I well take really good kear of it.

It will help me with lots of things.

Your friend,


Dear Rotary Club,

Thank you for the dictionary. There are so much stuff I can use for school like the multiplication table and the planets. Your book is so awsome that I wouldn’t sell it for one millon dollars. I’m working on the project you told us about.



Dear Rotary Club,

I’m writeing this letter to thank you for the Dictionary. I love it! I love all the information in every subject. I always use it every day. I will always treasure it forever! I will put it in my backpack every day. Thank you again for the dictionary. And thanks for giving it to my class. Lots of thanks to you.



P.S. I hope the club is going very well.

Dear Rodery Club,

Thank you for thoughs wonderful dictionarys. We use them every day at school and at home. You are the best ever!


Audra & Jaden