Thank you for the dictionaries!

Dear Friends,
I would like to tell you how much the children enjoyed and used their dictionaries this year! They truly enjoyed them and were amazed when they were able to take them home with them at the end of the school year.
I think the children used them more for all of the wonderful information included in the back of the books more than for looking up definitions or how to spell various words. I often found the children reading their dictionaries during class rather than a chapter book. When they had to do some research, they often chose to use their dictionary as one of their resources.
Enclosed are letters that the children wrote to you expressing their gratitude for your most generous gift. I chose to send them at the end of the school year so that I could give you an accurate accounting of how they used their books during the school year. Thank you so very much for your generosity. These books proved to be very valuable tools for the students this year. I even heard one student say she was going to read the whole book during summer break!
Lynn Bente
Southport Elementary

Dear friends,
thank you for the dictionary. I really love it. Every year I am going to cherish it. We all learn new things every day.