Danvers resident wins first honorary mayoral election

Danvers does not have a mayor, and its town government is run by a town manager and Board of Selectmen.
But now it has an honorary mayor.
Last week, Kyriakos "Kary" Andrinopoulos won the first honorary mayoral election in the town’s history, garnering 1400 votes and defeating Dick Moody, Myrna Fearer, Alan Hartnett, Sturgis Papagiotas, John ‘Mr. Goodies’ Palmisano, Jeanne Hennessey and Kelly Delaney.
Andrinopoulos is the owner of New Brothers Restaurant and Deli in Danvers Square.
The Danvers Rotary mock election ran from April until June, and people donated $5 a vote, raising over $16,000 for organizations such as the Rotary Club of Danvers, including the Annual Scholarship Fund, the Danvers Community Council, the Dictionary Project, the Rotary Pavilion, Choate Farm Walking Trail, Concert at the Pavilion, Witchcraft Memorial, YMCA camperships, and more.
As honorary mayor, Andrinopoulos will have no official responsibilities for town government.
Andrinopoulos, who was behind the counter at the deli this week, said he was elated after learning of the results. His election slogan was, “A chicken in every pot and smiles at every table.”