Thank you, Grange!

For five years, Joan and Gerald Wade of Rushcreek Grange # 2149 have given dictionaries to the third graders at Bremen Elementary School.

They received many nice letters from the students, teachers, and principal.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Wade,
Thank you so much for providing our students with a dictionary! Your time & generosity are greatly appreciated.
Mrs. Barr, Mrs. McCandlish, Mrs. Snyder

Dear Mr. Miller,
On behalf of the third grade students at Bremen Elementary, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the donation of dictionaries. I would also like to thank Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Wade for taking time to personally present the dictionaries to our students. Their background in education makes them appropriate candidates for talking with our children and explaining to them how beneficial this tool can be in their education.
Thank you again for your generosity and support.
Frederick R. Burns

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Wade,
Thanks for the dictionary. They are really cool. It has almost every single words. Even the longest word. It has sigh laguage, brille. All kinds of stuff.

Mr. and Mrs. Wade,
Thank you for my dictionary. I really like it. I found lots and lots of words and I found a weird sickness in the dictionary. My sister was looking in the dictionary you gave me. It is a very neat book because it has more stuff than just words.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Wade,
Thank you for the dictionarys they are really nice ones. I like the dictionarys because they have presidents states and words we don’t even know!