Thank you, Rotary Club!

The Rotary Club of Greater Anderson received many thank-you letters from children at the 15 elementary schools that were included in their dictionary project.

Here are a few of them:

Dear Rotary Club,
Thank you for the dictionary. I love the color. It is one neat dictionary that you gave me. I hope you wrigth back to me soon.

Dear Mr. Darby,
Thank you for the dictionary! It will really make me smarter. I enjoy it because I found alot of big words! Alot of them I don’t even know! from,

Dear Mr. Darby and the Rotary Club,
Thank you for my Dictionary. I think very nice to use your money to buy all thiese Dictionarys for us. I will use my Dictionary all my life. It is very cool to look up words. I love my dictionary. We really will use thiese.

Dear Rotary Club,
I want to thank you for the dictionary. I like them alot. Thay mean alot to me. All of us love the dictionary. I will never trade nothing for the dictionary. They mean alot to me. I love this book. I will never spill a drop on it.
Your friend,

Dear Rotory Club,
Thank you for the dictionary. I would use the dictionary to look up words. I will use the dictionary when I need to use it. I might need to use the dictionary every day. I will look up words I don’t know. I like the dictionary.