Dictionaries for third graders

For the Lions Clubs involved in the Dictionary Project, it’s not too early to be thinking about this fall and the new third graders in your school (this year’s second graders). The Dictionary Project is an ongoing project and now is the time to be figuring how many new students will be needing dictionaries.
You can contact the school office to find out how many are in the second grade. When you know this number you can plan for a fundraiser, if necessary, announcing to the public what your are raising the funds for.
You will be able to order the books whenever you are ready during the summer thus avoiding the rush of orders in the fall and have the dictionaries ready when school starts. Remember that the books come in cases of 24, so if you have 65 second graders you will need three cases.
If your Club is not yet involved with the Dictionary Project now is the time to investigate and find out how to get involved. Recent figures indicate nearly 18,000 Indiana third graders, 24 percent, now move on to fourth grade without demonstrating minimal proficiency on the state English and language testing. Is this happening in your school system?
Get involved.
How? By providing dictionaries to the third graders in your school. Third grade is the transitional period of learning to read to reading to learn. Get online and type "Dictionary Project" to find out more.