Letters from Larne Elementary School

Dear Mrs. Mary French,
Thank you for my dictionary. My brother will ask me a word after school, and I look in my dictionary. He laughs and says you look smart.

Dear Ms. French.
Thank you for the dictionary because I am going to use it thru my grades. It is going to be a very helpful thing to me. This dictionary will help me get smarter. I am going to use this dictionary all the time. This dictionary is going to be helpful to us. This is going to be a daily thing that I use because I don’t spell that well. You are helping us a lot.

Dear Mrs. French, thank you for making the dictionary. I use it every time I want to look up a word. You’ve inspired me– since you can make a dictionary with real words, I was thinking that I could make a book with made-up words! thank you for makeing all the words come to me.