Students happy with new dictionaries

The Dictionary Project was able to donate dictionaries to several New York City public schools in the Spring. The letters and pictures from the Talented and Gifted School for Young Scholars in East Harlem show how pleased the students and teachers are to have the dictionaries.

The school wrote:

Dear Ms. French,
With great appreciation, we write this letter to thank you for your generous donation of dictionaries to our lucky third graders.
Our school services students who have been identified with gifted and talented abilities. Located in East Harlem, we promote a rigorous curriculum and hold our students to a very high standard in academics and social interactions. We are proud that 99% of our students perform on or above grade level in their subjects. We are confident that the dictionaries will serve to help us achieve 100% mastery of the subjects!
All schools, regardless of their success, struggle with budget constraints and we work tirelessly to provide the resources and materials for our students. Your generous assistance helps us to overcome budget obstacles and our students and teachers reap the benefits.
Thank you for your big heart and for bringing smiles to all our faces!
Janette D. Cesar, Principal
Daniel R. McCormick, Asst. Principal
Helene Blount, Teacher
Doreen Donnelly, Teacher

 Rajib’s letter says:

Dear Ms. French,
Than you for the great dictionaries. I’ve been learning a lot from these dictionaries. I like all the facts in the books. I use the books to find many definitions that I need. I like the format of the dictionaries. They’re easy to find words with them. They are very useful to me.