Pottstown Rotary helps local students

Recently, the Pottstown Rotary Club provided over 250 dictionaries for all fourth-grade elementary students of the Pottstown School District.

“The Webster’s Dictionary for Students Third Edition is a quality addition to the students’ home library of tools to assist them in developing their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills," said Rotary President Marie Ann Thompson. "The publication provides not only access to 37,000 definitions but also six special sections which include: world maps, countries of the world, states of the United States, Declaration of Independence, important events in American history, and Presidents of the United States.”

George Jackson, Rotary Literacy Chairman, pointed out that the Rotary Club recognizes the value of the skill of reading and understands that it is the starting point for all economic and social opportunities the world has to offer. The club’s dictionary projects hav seen over eight million children receive dictionaries for their classrooms and home use worldwide.

At Edgewood Elementary School when students received their dictionaries, they eagerly began to work on a class project. Building Principal Calista Boyer thanked the Rotary Club for their tremendous effort to provide dictionaries to students throughout our school district.

“They have helped to improve the literacy and quality of life in our community and to make a difference in students’ academic performance," she said.

Assisting George Jackson in the distribution of the dictionaries in the Pottstown School District were President Marie Ann Thompson; Eric Mitchell, President of the Pottstown Rotary Community Endowment Fund; and Jim Thompson.