DK students receive dictionaries

Continuing a tradition, the Delton Area Rotary Club recently gave dictionaries to all third-grade students in the Delton Kellogg school district.
"By the thrid grade, children know how to read, and now they can begin to read for knowledge and pleasure," said Club President and Superintendent of Barry Intermediate School District Jeff Jennette. "They need dictionaries to help them do their best work. A dictionary is the ultimate learning tool which will forever be a part of a child’s education and their lives."
According to Jennette, a dictionary is perhaps the first and most powerful reference tool that a child can own. It also helps solve problems that arise as a child develops his or her reading , writing and creative thinking abilities. He said children benefit from increased resourcefulness and self-reliance inspired by the words, "Look it up."
Computer spell-check may be handy, but it does not replace the dictionary, said Jennette. Spell-check cannot increase the user’s understanding of words; it does not help students become better readers or more creative writers. They can use the Internet, but they can own a dictionary.
"English is the language of commerce, and we all want our children to be able to compete in the global economy," added Jennette. "Give children books, and they are shown the doors to their own creativity and lifelong learning. Give them a dictionary, and they are given the key to unlock those doors."