Lacey Lamplighter Lions dictionary project

We’ve completed our 2011 Dictionary Project in Lacey, Washington. The Lacey Lamplighter Lions delivered 360 books to four schools and 14 classrooms. What a grand time we had. I think the kids get smarter every year. We always start by telling the kids where the books are published and, after asking them to put their name in the front, we ask them how many letters are in the longest word in the English language. The ones who guess right usually have an older sibling who already received a book. We then ask how many would like to have the teacher pronounce that word. All hands shoot up! Then we ask how many would like to have the word on a spelling test. All hands come down.

We then proceed into the Presidents, the states, the planets, and sign language and Braille, pointing out how much more this book is than just a dictionary of words. The kids and the teachers are all eager at that point to start using it. We have met students who received the book previously and still carry it around with them.

Thanks to all of your staff for the great job they do in producing this marvel. We always look forward to the next year.

Dick Platner, President
Lacey Lamplighter Lions
Lacey, Washington