Local students appreciate Grange dictionary project

This year we have given dictionaries to the Rose Valley School third graders, to the Family House private school third graders, to the First Class of Cowlitz County home-schooled group of children and to the Longview Kelso Adventist private school, and also one other home-schooled boy. They all have been very appreciative.
As I was explaining what information was in the back of the Student’s Dictionary, one boy in the same room, but 4th grade, said it also has sign language. He had gotten his book last year.
After I said the book also has a list and information about all our presidents, another from a third-grade class said, "It will have to be updated in four years." I said why. He said," Because we will have another president by that time."
These kids are smart.
Thank you for your work in this project.
Very truly yours,
Phyllis Makinster
Treasurer of Rose Valley Grange 953
Kelso, WA