Dear Mr. Utchen…

The thank you notes continue to come in from the 3rd-grade kids back this way, and they truly uplift my spirits about having done the Dictionary Project back here. Some of the kids are very smart and write nice notes that are so meaningful. Here are several examples.

"Dear Mr. Utchen, Thank you for the dictionary and bookmark. I always wanted to know how to use a dictionary but now I know. Since my brother turned 11, he’s been the smart one and using words I do not even know. And guess what? Now I can look it up in my very own dictionary. How cool is that! And once again, you have a very kind heart. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Sincerely, Teagan
P. S. Please visit Pleasant Hill School again."

"Dear Mr. Utchen, Thank you for coming! When I heard you were coming I was so excited! I think you did a great job. Now I will always use a dictionary more. In my opinion I think a dictionary is better than a computer. A dictionary is really helpful! I loved that you came! Sincerely, Lily"

"Dear Mr. Utchen, Thank you for coming to our school. Thank you for giving us new dictionarys. They help me with words. I think you were an awesome helper for me. I learned a lot about how to use a dictionary. It was fun having you at our school. I do a lot with my new dictionary, it helps me check words. Sincerely, Sammy"

"Dear Mr. Utchen, thank you for the dictionary, bookmark, and also the great and entertaining speech. It’s really a great idea to come to schools and to tell the kids to start using a dictionary. A dictionary is really helpful because if you don’t know a word you could just open it up and find the word you are looking for, and read the definition, and you are done. Thank you very much. Love, Karolina
Dictionarys Are Cool!"