Elks dictionary program

In December, Naugatuck Elks No. 967 members Terry Ford, PDD, and Jim Sabio, GLC, PDD, presented dictionaries to the St. Francis—St. Hedwig’s 3rd-grade class. This is the second time the Naugatuck Elks Lodge has donated dictionaries to the school. Third-grade teacher Mrs. Vicki LoRusso and her class were very appreciative of the donation. Mrs. LoRusso chose the book “How to use a Dictionary & How to use a Thesaurus” in order to help the children understand the value of these two books and not just let the computer do the work. PER Terry Ford told the class that a computer is only as smart as the person providing input to the machine, so he challenged the students to make the computer smarter by learning the old-fashioned way.