Byron students receive gifts from their community

Our third-grade students and teachers all look forward to receiving the dictionaries. This year we are also placing thesauruses in each of the six third-grade classrooms and five fourth-grade classrooms. The teachers really like having the students have their own dictionaries. The third-grade curriculum includes a segment called WOW, Words of the Week, where the students are assigned three new words each week. The students look up the words and then have to fill in a worksheet with the definition, the antonym, a picture portraying the word, and use the word in a sentence. It makes it much more convenient for each student to have his/her own dictionary.
Thanks again for this fantastic project! We hope to continue doing this for years to come. We enlisted the help of Byron Women of Today and the Byron Lions Club to carry out this project. When we started this project 9 years ago there were 92 students in third grade, now there are 148. We are so lucky that these other groups are willing to help.
Thanks again for the Dictionary Project!
Patricia Cutting
Zumbro Valley Grange Secretary