Thank you, Kiwanis Club!

The Mt. Dora Kiwanis Club gives dictionaries to third graders and thesauri to fourth graders at Triangle Elementary School in Mt. Dora, FL. One of the fourth-grade classes made a book of thank-you letters for the Kiwanis Club after receiving their new thesauri. The letters are charming, and they show that the students had been using their dictionaries!

Here are a few of them:

Dear Kiwanis friends,
Thank you for the thesaurus. It really helps us understand the words. We really appreciate that you gave these to us. Thank you. It’s going to help us a lot. I am going to use it the right way so that it won’t rip.
I will use it a lot because it could help me with my grades go up. Thank you for everything you did. You made me the happiest kid. Thank you everybody for the thesaurus.

Dear Kiwanis friends,
Thank you so much for giving me a Thesaurus. I am going to enjoy it so much! I am going to learn so much out of it and it is also going to help my grades up so I thank you! I have been using it since the first day I got it and it is helping me a lot!!!
I feel so happy that you gave me it if you know what I mean. So I had a word yesterday and it was flinched so I looked in my Thesaurus and I did find it it was awesome!!!

Dear Kiwanis friends,
Thanks for the Thesaurus. I put it to some good use. Thanks that was very thoughtful of you and it helps me spell words that I don’t know how to spell!
Thank you for giving me this great tool. It’s the best. It’s so awesome even my classmates think so. You’re the friendliest people I’ve ever heard of! I loved it. It’s very cool. It’s like a miracle! Every time I open it I say thank you!!!

Dear Kiwanis friends,
It was generous of you to give all of us thesauruses. I will take good care of my thesaurus. It will give me defenishins of words that I never knew of like luminous, bedlam, belligerent, banned and elated. I will use it to help make my writing more interesting by looking up words that I might want to use like ability. After I find it I use it in a sentins.
Thank you for our thesauruses. I like them very much. I will take good care of it and keep it safe in my desk. If it have it out I will not rip the pages or write in the book.