Thank you, Optimist Club!

 The Optimist Club of North St. Louis County, MO, presented dictionaries to students at nine public and private schools in their community.
They received many thank-you letters from students and teachers.
Here are a few of them:

Dear Mr. Rieth and Optimist Members,
Thank you for your generous gift of dictionaries for my Third Grade Class. The children have found them useful and have enjoyed reading the extra interesting information found inside. Some students pull them out of their desk daily for reference or entertainment. We were thrilled to receive such a wonderful gift.
The students each wrote a letter thanking you for their dictionary. Please overlook any spelling or grammatical mistakes and enjoy their sincere appreciation of your thoughtfulness.
Mary Beth DiSalvo
Atonement Lutheran School

Dear Mr. Gary
Thank you for the dictionaries. That is so nice of you. You are the first person who gave us a Dictionary. I am so thankful of you Thanks bye.

Dear Optimist,
Thank you for my dictionary. I love it. Some of the presidents are by my birthday April 25. My favorite parts are the planets, the presidents, and the longest word. Your awesome! I’m going to keep it.

Dear Mr. Rieth and The Optimist Club,
My name is Paige and I am at St. Ferdinand school in forth grade. Thank you for the dictionary. I use it all the time. My favorite part is the multiplication chart because it is cool. My family thought it was awesome! I love it thank you so much.
Thank you,