Sixth year for the North Little Rock Women’s Club dictionary project

The North Little Rock Women’s Club has sponsored the Dictionary Project for students at schools in North Little Rock and surrounding communities since 2007. Each year the students and teachers are excited to have them visit and bring the dictionaries.

The club receives many nice letters of thanks from the children and their teachers. Here are some examples:

"Dear Ms. Mitchell,
Thank you for the student dictionary. I am thankful for these dictionaries because I can’t spell words like paprika which is a Turkish red pepper. We need the dictionaries. I’m not a good speller so I need them. I think you are a hero for sending these dictionaries.

"Dear Ms. Mitchell,
Thank you Ms. Mitchell for the A Student’s Dictionary. I need it to get me some ‘big!’ words from it. I am so happy that you gave us that. Now I don’t have to worry about geting a big dictionary from our library. So thank you for the books. So now we can pull it out of our desk and look up words.
Thank you for it!
Your Friend,

"Dear Ms. Mitchell,
Thank you for sending the dictionaries for my third grade class. We will enjoy using them. It will be nice for everyone to have the same dictionary when we are learning dictionary skills. Your kindness is appreciated.
Rita Byers, Third Grade Teacher
Nevada Elementary
Rosston, Arkansas"

"Dear Ms. Mitchell,
Thank you for the dictionaries. I will use them every day to spell, to pronounce words and know what they meen. That was so thoughtful of you to send these dictionaries. I love to read dictionaries.