A donation with real meaning

Advisors Kim Pacaj, Steve Maji and Betty Crawford of Loveland Kiwanis distributed forty-five student dictionaries, along with pencils and erasers, to the three 3rd-grade classes of students at Franklin Elementary School in Omaha, Nebraska. They joined with teachers Patricia Michels, Jenni Jensen and Eric Samson to provide the students with information and hands-on training to learn how to use the dictionaries: “To Read How to Learn.”

Also attending the event was Ms. Kailyn Watson, from Omaha Public Schools Administration. to take photos for their website.  After an orientation by the teachers, Loveland’s Kim Pacaj, Steve Maji, and Betty Crawford passed out a quiz to the students. They asked them to answer the questions provided by using their dictionaries.

This activity helped the students to learn how to look up definitions of given words, as well as
look up answers to questions. The questions were about such things as the presidents of the United States, size and histories of our states, such as Nebraska, or look up information on the United States Constitution.  Following the completion of various questions on the quiz, the student with the most correct answers was given a gift to remember the event.