Morrisville Rotary Distributes Dictionaries

Morrisville Rotary is presenting dictionaries from the South Carolina based Dictionary Project to third graders at Eden, Craftsbury, Elmore, Hyde Park, Greensboro, Johnson, Morrisville, Bishop Marshall, Wolcott, and Woodbury Elementary Schools. At each school, Rotarians give a short presentation and share the many sections of these multi-use books with the students. The shared goal of the Dictionary Project and Rotarians is “to assist all students to become good writers, active readers and creative thinkers by providing students a gift of their own personal dictionary.” Source: The Stowe Reporter ( ________________________________ More about the Rotary Club of Morrisville: Rotarian Marcia Marble notes, “Organized in 1927, the Rotary Club of Morrisville, VT continues to be involved in our region wide community! The 3rd Grade Dictionary Project and our annual Winter Coat program benefit the Lamoille Valley region! Our primary fundraisers are the Winter ‘Polar Splash’ into Lake Elmore and the July ‘Duck Race.’ Rotarians the world over join the oldest service organization to meet and associate with fellow business people in their community and to provide educational and health programs. Financial aid and a helping hand are offered by Rotarians locally and in the international community.” Source: Rotary Club of Morrisville Dictionary Project Organization Profile