Anthony and Sarah Triola Continue Project in Killeen Independent School District

Retired soldier Anthony Triola and former history teacher Sarah Triola distributed dictionaries to Harker Heights Elementary School on November 13, 2014. Valuing the importance of education, and the affordability of the book, the couple are revitalizing a Bell County wide dictionary project that ended back in 2007, starting with the Killeen Independent School District. To reach the 3,375 third-graders in 32 Killeen ISD elementary schools, the couple continues to spread the word about The Dictionary Project and raise funds from individuals, businesses, and local civic organizations. Having a background in history and passion for world events, the Triola’s enjoyed presenting the dictionaries and quizzing students about the U.S. presidents and world maps. “It’s theirs to keep and it looks shiny and new. This is really their first time to dive into a dictionary. Usually we just look up words,” said one third grade teacher. Once the Harker Heights third graders opened their new paperback dictionary, they soon realized it is much more than words on paper. Not only does a dictionary provide information that helps children become better readers and writers, it also offers information like the The Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, planets in the solar system and much more. The Dictionary Project appreciates the work of Anthony and Sarah Triola. Their dedication to education is truly making a lasting impact in the community. To find out more about how to help continue the project in the Killeen Independent School District, email the Triolas