Rotarians Prepare for Dictionary Distribution Day in Delaware, Ohio

2014 marks the 10th year members of the Delaware Rotary Club in Ohio have come together to promote education in their community. Each year, club members have consistently raised the funds to insure that all third grade students in Delaware City and the Buckeye Valley School District receive a personal dictionary. Once fall comes around, Rotarians organize their project and hold a “labeling and sorting” party. Volunteers Larry Garrett, Jim Ballinger, Mike and Cindy Williams, Jim Hoovler, Rex Welker, Mike Miller, George Alexander, Phil Ranck, Dean Fraker, Joe Evans, Tom Homan, Bethany Moore, Steve Kaser, Kip Krueger and Guy Naples enjoyed an evening of fellowship while preparing for this year’s dictionary presentation. To date, the Delaware Rotary Club has impacted the lives of over 7,000 students. Fellowship n. 1) The state of being a companion or fellow; association; communion; friendly intercourse; the fellowship of students. The New International Webster’s Comprehensive Dictionary of the English Language