Day Four of the National Grange Convention

Letter from National Grange President, Edward Luttrell: The business of the National Grange continues today and more of our Brothers and Sisters from around the country are arriving. It’s a great time to be a Granger. During session, in committees and at other events we see a level of passion for our organization that is humbling and awe-inspiring, and we can be happy to share it with our youth as they arrive and the Juniors here already and to come later this week. I hope you enjoy all this convention has to offer, but most of all, make memories that will last a lifetime. *** Arriving in Sandusky, OH on Tuesday, Dictionary Project Representative Allie Osuch received a warm welcome from members of the Grange.”The people are fantastic. It is obvious that Grangers love The Dictionary Project. The displays are beautiful. Lots of positive energy here,” said Osuch. That’s the key! When it comes to being active in your community and starting a project, positive energy and a friendly attitude gets things done. We are proud to partner with devoted Grange members to make a lasting, and positive impression on our country. – The Dictionary Project