How Does Your Organization Present Dictionaries?

Each organization has their own special way of presenting dictionaries to students. These presentations are often centered around the age of the students, demographics, and class room needs. We are impressed at how creative and efficient members are on distribution day. The Lodi Elks Lodge No. 1900 incorporates a drug awareness speech with their dictionary presentation to 3rd and 6th grade students. Members explain the importance of using a dictionary along with the consequences of drug use. Members insert Drug Awareness book markers in each book. Claude and Winston Kerley of the Zeb Vance Ruritan Club present dictionaries during the morning broadcast at Zeb Vance Elementary School. The Mesquite Elks Lodge #2811 brings in the club mascot, Elroy the Elk, when presenting to third-grade students. Regardless of how your organization distributes the dictionaries, The Dictionary Project recognizes that each group shares the underlying goal of enhancing the future of our children by providing personal dictionaries to students.