148th Annual National Grange Convention

This year marks the 148th Annual Convention of the National Grange! Members from the Midwest Region states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin are gathering together this week to promote the the betterment of their communities and celebrate the accomplishments of Granges and Grange members. “From community service initiatives to grassroots legislative action, Grange members believe that what they do to strengthen their hometowns today can have a lasting and positive impact tomorrow.” Letter to the Grange: Thank you for including The Dictionary Project in the good work you do for your community. We are proud to partner with you to improve literacy by giving a child a dictionary, which in turn, improves the overall quality of life for everyone. Through your support for students, over 767,346 dictionaries have been given to children to take home for their own personal use and to share with family. For many families, the dictionary given to their child by the Grange is the only book they own. We are grateful for your dedication and commitment to educating children about the importance of words and the values of the Grange. By giving the gift of a dictionary, the Grange is teaching students to be more self-reliant. The book helps children expand their frame of reference by introducing them to new words and strengthening their reading and writing skills. Your gift will leave an indelible mark in your town by giving children a resource that helps them solve their own problems and build relationships within the community. -Mary French