Rotary Clubs of Paterson Donates Dictionaries

The Rotary Clubs of Paterson have been donating dictionaries to all the 3rd grade students in both public and parochial schools in Paterson, New Jersey since 2006. We would like to continue this practice but the rising costs of the dictionaries and increase in number of students each year adds to our cost. This year our Dictionary Project has given out over 2000 dictionaries. The Rotarians go into each 3rd grade classroom and make a short presentation. They tell the students who donated the books, that they are their own personal books to keep and they are to be brought to school every day so that the teacher can show them how a dictionary is used. The students always get excited about their own personal dictionary and expanding their vocabulary. Not only does it help the student but the parents as well. We project our budget for the dictionaries will be $3,500.00 for the 2015 – 2016 school year. The names of the contributors to this Dictionary Project will be printed on a label inside the book for the students and parents to see. Article written by Dictionary Project Chairman, Gordon Gieger.