Third-graders Get Dictionaries from Hickory Kiwanis

Every student attending the third grade at Hickory Public Schools will receive the gift of a personal dictionary, thanks to Hickory Kiwanis. This annual donation campaign, started locally in 2005, provides new dictionaries to children while encouraging them to learn new words so that they may enhance their use of the English language. The dictionary project was created in 1955 in South Carolina and today, the Kiwanis Clubs of North Carolina and South Carolina raise funds to place dictionaries in the hands of all children. In some cases, the dictionaries are the only personal book owned by students. Members from the Hickory Kiwanis including Danny Seaver and Helen Devlin recently shared a distribution with the third-grade students at Oakwood Elementary School. HPS superintendent Walter Hart and Oakwood Elementary principal Ryan McCreary celebrated with the students as they received their new dictionaries. “From the bottom of my heart, I really want to thank Hickory Kiwanis for providing this incredible resource for our students,” McCreary said. “Our third-grade students now have a dictionary of their own, and for many of our students, this is their first dictionary. The dictionaries will help our students with vocabulary development as well as research and writing, both in the classroom and at home.” Article from HDR: Hickory Daily Record Read Here Want a Dictionary project T-Shirt? View Here