Gulf Breeze Key Club Donates Dictionaries to Eleven Local Schools

The Gulf Breeze High School Key Club recently completed their annual dictionary project. Following The Dictionary Project’s goal “to assist all third grade students to complete the school year as good writers, active and creative thinkers,” Key Club members decided to provide younger students with their own personal dictionaries. These dictionaries were donated as a gift to each student to use at school and at home for years to come. Working through The Dictionary Project, Key Club members were able to select a dictionary to donate from the non-profit’s website. As soon as the 840 dictionaries arrived, the Key Club members started delivering the books to eleven local elementary schools. “At each school our students explained some of the features of the dictionary,” said Kiwanis Club of Central Pensacola President, Jack Gander. Each student was handed a dictionary from Key Club members. “All students were overjoyed to receive their personal dictionary and the club received many letters thanking them for the dictionaries. It was a wonderful project and the Gulf Breeze Key Club plans on doing it again next year,” said Gander. We at The Dictionary Project are excited when older students recognize the importance of a dictionary and want to ensure third grade students receive the benefits of owning one. It shows leadership and a strong commitment to education on behalf of the Gulf Breeze High School Key Club members. Thank you! – The Dictionary Project