Dictionaries Never Go Out of Style, But Hair Styles Do…

It’s safe to say that just like any other trend, hair styles come and go. From curly-q mustaches, to bleach-blonde gone wrong, we have all had our share of rough patches when it comes to hair styles – or maybe you’re just trying to hold on to that last patch.

Fortunately, the benefits of using a dictionary transcend technology fads and popular culture. There are no trends to follow, just classic guidelines. Dictionaries provide the basic tools, like pronunciation, parts of speech, and common grammar rules that prepare a student for everyday life. Dictionaries enable students to become better writers, proficient speakers and avid readers. With these skills, they can enter into the work force or enroll in college knowing they can put forth their best effort. And when it comes to job interviews or college applications, having a well written essay and correct speech always wins over a snazzy hair do (although taking pride in your appearance is important too). Employers across the country have noted that they are more likely to hire candidates with strong oral communication, critical thinking and proficient reading and writing skills. By providing a student with a dictionary, our sponsors are setting children up for success – both personal and professional.

Although dictionaries are constantly evolving and adding new words to reflect our changing society, their purpose remains the same. They teach children to be independent and confident learners – when a child has a dictionary, he or she can take personal responsibility for their own education. A dictionary gives a student the ability to express their thoughts, ideas and emotions through words – a timeless skill that is by no means going out of style.