Tips to Promote Academic Success: 3. Encourage

en·cour·age/inˈkərij/, verb: 1. to make (someone) more determined, hopeful, or confident 2. to make (something) more appealing or more likely to happen Encouragement is a powerful tool. It gives us the opportunity to point out a person’s potential and challenge them to succeed at a specific goal. But encouragement does not have to be amplified cheers in an arena to leave a profound impression. It is often the subtle, simple gestures that lift the spirit and build confidence the most. For students who are leaning how to formulate, read, and write words, encouragement is monumental to advancing their academic growth. Research on educational development has revealed that learning is how a child feels about learning. Students who struggle to read are more likely to develop negative attitudes toward reading and avoid reading altogether. That is why positive reinforcement from teachers, parents, and sponsors like you is so important to inspire life-long readers. Children need to know that adults in their lives care about reading and sponsors like Anthony and Sarah Triola are making this happen. Valuing the importance of education, Anthony and Sarah Triola picked up the project in Killeen Independent School District, Texas. Not only do the Triolas encourage third graders to read and write, they also encourage individuals, businesses, and local civic organizations in their community to participate by sponsoring a third grade class, visiting schools and helping hand out dictionaries.