Wordy Wednesday

FRONTENAC – Third graders at Frank Layden Elementary received the gift of knowledge Wednesday. The Frontenac Rotary Club delivered a dictionary to every student in three different third grade classes. The event is organized by Rotary Service Committee Chair Lori Lavery. She has been delivering dictionaries to Frank Layden since 2008, but said the yearly project started years before she was a rotary member. “The Dictionary Project is important to our club because it is just one more small thing we can do for the young people in our community,” Lavery said. “We hope it may make a bit of a difference in their future or learning.” Principal and Rotary Member Courtney McCartney explained the gift to each class and told students about the rotary club’s mission of helping people and bettering the local community. Along with rotary members Barry Anderson, Amanda Sukraw and Jenifer McDonald, Lavery handed out 65 dictionaries to students. The Frontenac Rotary Club was organized and chartered in 1979, and Lavery said the joy children get from receiving a dictionary is the best part of the project. “The smile and thank you from every child that receives a dictionary is reward enough for the project,” she said. – Chance Hoener is a staff writer for the Morning Sun. He can be emailed at choener@morningsun.net or follow him on Twitter @ReporterChance.