Maida, Fresh Meadows, NY

Dear Ms. French, Thank you so much for the dictionaries! I like to use dictionaries because they are used for lots of things. I am bad at spelling so I use dictionaries a lot. I really appreciate it. Thank you for letting all of the third graders have dictionaries. I really like what you did for our school. I am happy! You helped our...
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Jin, Fresh Meadows, NY

I am a studious student at New York City Public School 26 in a small place called Fresh Meadows. My favorite subject is gym but I do better at my reading and vocabulary. My teacher, Ms. Arzola, gives me lots of writing and vocabulary homework. My splendiferous and omniscient teacher makes sure that we all get ample knowledge of English vocabulary so that we...
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Zanra, Fresh Meadows, NY

Dear Ms. French, Thank you for the dictionaries. Our class really appreciates that. That was very kind of you. I would like to share a little bit about me. I am 8 years old. I go to P.S. 26, Rufus King school. On the last page of the dictionary there is the longest english language word. It has 1,909 letters. Your dictionary could help...
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Jessica, Fresh Meadows, NY

Dear Ms. French, I am a well known student at school P.S. 26 Queens. I am 8 years old. My birthday is on June 23, in the year 2001. I enjoy playing the piano. I am also an astablished clown. Thank you for the dictionaries. They are really fabulous. When my teacher Ms. Arzola showed them to the class I was astonished. They are...
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Dear Ms. French Thank you for sending us dictionarys!!! You are very generous! I am thankful you gave us 15 dictionaries. I bet DICTIONARIES are helpful with meanings. I love new the dictionaries you gave us. It is helpful for us because we are working on words in reading. It will fit good with us. It’s like my friend! Sincerely, Eunice