Riverbend Estates Homeowners Association supports local school

 Dear Ms. French:

The generosity of your grant made it possible for Riverbend Estates Homeowners Association to donate $250 to Fort Foote Elementary School. The dictionaries, provided by you, were distributed on March 10, 2009, to 51 third grade students, their teachers, the teachers` assistants, and the school librarian.

The Dictionary Project has become one of the most important initiatives undertaken by our association. We strongly agree that each child having a personal dictionary will help them become good writers, active readers and creative thinkers. That message is conveyed by Sarah Cavitt, chair of the committee, association members, and the Prince George`s County Police District IV Community Services Team. We have been fortunate to have the police officers to join us in distributing the dictionaries and to reinforce the message of the value of the dictionary as a learning tool for students.

The project has strengthened working relationships and benefited the community. We appreciate the major part that you have played in making that possible.


Jacqueline B. Pyatt, President

Riverbend Estates Homeowners Association